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Hello!  Welcome to our website, and thanks for your interest in our products.

AMY BEAUTY COMPANY  LIMITED is a Chinese Manafacturer which specializes in
producing in various kinds of skin care, cosmetic, makeup kit / tool, slimming,
health products ...

Our main products are as follows:
Skin Care: 
1. Face care: Face mask/cream, nose mask, eye mask/cream/gel, lip mask ...
2. Hand /foot care: Hand mask, hand care cream, foot mask ...
3. Other body care: Neck mask, breast mask, lip enlargement cream,slimming cream,
 hair removal cream,  and related products with health benefits ...

1. For Eyes: Eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyeliner kit, 
eye-lid powder..
2. For Eye brows: Eye brow pen/pencil, eye brow kit ...
3. For lips: Lipgloss / lipgloss set, lip cream, lipstick, lipstick set, lip kit ...
4. Others: Foundation, blusher , powder, concealer ....

If you want more information or details about our products, please contact us as below:

Whatsapp: +86 150 118 493 40






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